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 2022 CPSA Coach Of The Year Instructor Max Tarr provides tailored, professional tuition in clear and simple way, designed to help you increase your clay shooting knowledge, confidence and performance

About Max

Max was introduced to shooting at age 12 by his father, Andrew Tarr, at Lady’s wood Shooting School where his father taught.

Fast forward to 2023 and Max has transformed his own shooting and coaching through hard work and determination, so much now that he is considered one of the top coaches in the country.

The beginning

Early on in Max’s shooting instructor journey, he and his father set up an events and hospitality company (Safe and Sound Shooting) coaching groups, both corporate and stag and hen parties, in clay shooting.  It was these early years that forged an intensive foundation towards his coaching career, coaching thousands of people as a young coach. This grounding has been key for Max, honing the required skills to help diagnose and solve problems for anyone looking to improve their shooting. 

At the Age of 17, Max earned his CPSA Safety Officers qualification, then at 21 he earnt his first coaching qualification, the Association of Professional Instructors Level One Instructors course.

Max at the age of 24 then earned the CPSA Level 1 Instructors qualification, shortly followed by the ISSF Cat D qualification in Olympic Trap/Skeet with British shooting and a Lantra Loaders qualification.

As the client base began to expand further, Max created various social media channels such as Instagram in late 2018, with the intention of sharing knowledge and coaching tips with budding and fellow shots. Boosting his offering further, Max introduced tuition vouchers and clay shooting deals, then in 2019 Max decided to quit his carpentry job to pursue coaching full time.

Through this journey, Max’s shooting has rapidly progressed. This has been down to his commitment and dedication to practice and CPSA registered competitions. Currently Max is AAA Class and in 2024 will be looking to get into the England Team for English Sporting.

Max is lucky enough to have the support from amazing sponsors and corporate partners and cannot wait to continue the upward trajectory in 2024!


Max Tarr

Max Tarr

CPSA Qualified Instructor

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APSI Level 1 Instructor

APSI Level 1 Instructor


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ISSF Class D Qualification

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